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Product name:DJF(a) series Swung Drop Hammer Exhaust Fan (Stand
  Fan blade is made of Krupp stainless steel by punch forming. no dust, attractive and durable. Special blades shape design ensure large air volume, no deformation, no broken, keep air volume same all the way. Thickness 1.2mm, surface finish BA grade.   Fan belt pulley is made of high strength aluminum-magnesium alloy b......
Product name:DJF(a) series Swung Drop Hammer Exhaust Fan (Small
  Blades Diameter change from 1250mm to 1270mm, Frame dimension keeps same. Shutters can be made of stainless steel or hot-galvanized steel.   Extended blades increase air volume by 10% , Innovated small shutters & New type sealing rotational device can improve the efficiency by 30%.   Shutters are impro......
Product name:DJF(k) series Motor-drive directly Swung Drop Hamm
  Motor-drive blades directly type avoid the frequent problem occurred by belt。 (Like belt loosing,droping, or reversing, etc。), makes a high efficiency, low fault rate。   Equipped with Special High-efficiency, energy-saving motor, which already passed 3C certificate; With Protection class of IP55 grade, Insulation cla。。。。。。
Product name:DJF(c) series Shutter Cone Fan ( Swung Drop Hammer
  Reasonable cone design, improving exhaust power. Large air volume, Adopt aluminum alloy shutters, light weight and attractive.   Added with Swung Drop Hammer opening system,flexible opening,reasonable open angle,lower wind resistence,higher ventilation efficiency, save much more energy than the similar fan.  ......

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