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Product name:DJF(e) series Butterfly Cone Fan
  Using advanced front double door opening device, small wind resistance, good sealing, high efficiency, lengthened cone design improve exhaust power.   Zinc coating weight of Galvanized sheet is 275g/㎡,avoiding rust effectively.   Fan double doors closed with the rubber sealing which effectively avoid air ba......
Product name:DJF(t) series Shutter Cone Fan (Push-Pull Opening
  Use push-pull opening system to completely open and close shutters, minimize the wind resistance and greatly improve the operating efficiency; with extended cone design to guarantee that it can achieve high wind pressure, low energy consumption and big air flow in tunnel ventilation condition。   Sanhe fan blade is spe。。。。。。
Product name:DJF(c) series Shutter Cone Fan ( Swung drop hammer
  Reasonable cone design, improving exhaust power. Large air volume, Adopt aluminum alloy shutters, light weight and attractive.   Added with Swung Drop Hammer opening system,flexible opening,reasonable open angle,lower wind resistence,higher ventilation efficiency, save much more energy than the similar fan.  ......
Product name:DJF(c)-750 Gutter Fan (Ammonia Extractor Fan)
  Lengthening cone design, Achieve higher air draft, and stable air volume。   Frame is under advanced automatic process, Zinc coating weight of Galvanized sheet is 275g/㎡,avoiding rust effectively。   Motor-drive directly design makes a high efficiency, low fault rate。 avoiding frequent problem occurred by belt。 (Li。。。。。。

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